Imagine making peace with your past so you can enjoy your present and take charge of your future.

Life and Love are looking for you.  Are you ready to Become Found? 

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Make peace with your past. Stop letting your old stories, thoughts, beliefs, circumstances, relationships, and traumas dictate your present and cloud future. Emotional self-healing tools and practices. Videos, transcripts, exercises, guidebook, guided practices and meditations. Down-to-earth tools and practices so you know exactly what to do to begin making peace with your past and shifting your internalized story TODAY.

The Difference Between Traditional Tapping and StoryShift Tapping

Classic EFT is designed to soothe, decrease, or neutralize emotions, but our emotions are designed to be fully felt through and processed. The mismatch may seem slight, but the impact can be profound. Emotions that don’t get felt through and processed get trapped in our bodies and fritz like a short-circuit which we experience as stress, anxiety, uneasiness, people-pleasing, holding ourselves back, and repetitive thoughts.  

EFT is designed to soothe. StoryShift Tapping is designed to clear. 

Making Peace with Your Past – StoryShift Masterclass

Make peace with your past without pretending some things never happened or didn’t hurt. 

Where do your thoughts and internalized stories come from? Why do they matter? What role do they really play? 

Get these answers and learn my favorite technique for making sure your past no longer infects your present or clouds your future. 

Dream Dare Decide Do 2022 - Replay

DREAM of what you really want. DARE yourself to stretch your comfort zone. DECIDE what you are willing to do. Take inspired ACTION. 

Watch the replay for 2022. 

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